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we’re doing a photoshoot for some new me & oli pieces tonight (yes, new pieces yay!)

above are some of our inspirations for the shoot. can’t wait to show you the final product!!

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today is texture day. we can’t get enough of it.

(clockwise from top) jaipur, udaiphur, bundee, fort kochi

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did we ever mention that our new year’s resolution for 2011 was to do a drawing a day? well, we have been posting some up here & there. this one is from yesterday’s entry.

for some reason, the past few days we have been drawing disjointed girls. wonder why? perhaps we’re feeling a slight disconnection from everything. or possibly because it has been a big few weeks so things seem scattered & not quite joined.

or maybe our mind is a lot on our brand new online shop!! still in the design stage but we are SO excited & have been trying to piece it all together….as disjointed as it may seem we hope it will be born in the most cohesive of manners!!!

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