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tailor stall

as some of you know, we will be holding a stall at the sydney finders keepers markets next friday, december 2 (yay!)

our stall will be like a pop up tailor shop, where you can come, choose a print, choose a dress/top shape, get measured up & we will make your chosen dress/top to order… exciting!!

so, we have been busy brewing up ideas for how to set up our stall. we thought we’d share here some of our tailor shop inspiration… we’re looking forward to bringing our set to life!

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we used to call ourselves i-hate-nature girl. all that itchy, scratchy grass. little ants that throw themselves at your feet (& in your pants). all those bushes with snakes no doubt hiding & ready to pounce on you because that’s all they have to do all day.

but then one day a friend said to us ‘but you must love nature because everything you draw has to do with it’. & then we realised… well, come to think of it, it is probably our biggest source of inspiration. we DO have a deep love for it at heart! we just have to, um, get used to being in it.

& that, we’ve found as we grow older, is oh so very easy to do! the rugged, the rocky, the peace, the majesty. how can we have had anything but love for it all this time.

simple examples of this are pictured above. these shots are taken from our recent trip to the Flinders ranges, South Australia.

from top: the western side of wilpena pound mid afternoon; the same side at dusk; different choices for shoe attire on our impromptu hike (mt ohlssen bagge hike) yes there were thongs on the rocky, linear climb & descent; just hangin’ with nature.

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record covered walls

how good are old record covers? we stumbled across a café in adelaide that had covered their walls with… well record covers. we had a grand old time staring at each & every cover, reminiscing as well as crying ‘oh my god, look how young so-&-so looks’. a good old time was had doing this whilst waiting for the gorgeous bagels that were being served up at the café! a fine combination one would say!

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mad bastards

Inspired by the red crackling earth of the outback, we thought we would devote this Saturday’s film blog post to Mad Bastards, a film that takes you to a remote part of Western Australia and brings to you the lives, loves, struggles, celebrations & culture of the characters involved.

It is a first feature film for writer/director Brendan Fletcher & for most of the actors, it is their first too as many of the cast members are non professionals whose characters are based on their own real lives. This brings a strong sense of reality to the dialogue as we are taken on a journey with TJ, an Aboriginal man with a fiery edge, as he travels to a frontier town to meet his son whom he has never met. It is not a rosy reunion & so the story follows the damaging affects of the absence of a strong father figure & the repairing and reestablishment of relationships. All set in the back drop of the stark, beautiful outback and with beautiful melodies from the Pigram Brothers woven in, it is a moving tale that is hilarious in parts, hard in others & heartwarming for the remainder. Three and a half stars.

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thelma on the road

We just visited the incredible Flinders Ranges where majestic mountain ranges meet vast flat plains. Where the earth is a crackling red, the road stretches endlessly into the hazy distance & where emus & brown snakes wait to cross the road. We took our Thelma top on the trip with us & thought we’d share with you some pics from the holiday album. If you’d like to take your own Thelma top on a trip (away or just out on a day/night), you can find her here. made to order & in your print of choice from the me & oli library!

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last night we dreamt about these row of chairs that we saw in kolkata. we dreamt that it was in our projector room. but they work well where they are: as an impromptu seating in the alleyway across from a chai vendor.

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a wander

one thing we love about going for a wander in a new area is… seeing new walls. this one, in the sweet suburb of rozelle, took our fancy.

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oot and aboot

art and about is on again in sydney so it was a good excuse to leave our postcode for a jaunt into town. here are a few pics. funnily enough, our favourite things we saw were not part of the exhibition: new buildings sprouting up throughout the city & a run down toy factory.

(the last picture is of ‘deconstructing ways’ which stood like a big pop up book in a laneway)

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lé fridge

our folks are coming over for dinner tonight &, as is the usual case, we needed to do a clean up of the place! we started with the fridge & just felt like sharing it as it is filled with all the things we love: postcards from loved ones from all around the world (rome to moscow to the blue mountains), photos of our gorgeous nephew, photos of good times, pics from exhibitions we loved, scribbled pictures from our best friend’s twins, beloved magnets from our travels, place mat from our local seafood restaurant ‘codfather’, notes of love from friends… & of course our beloved ‘bearded’ magnet.

oh, the fridge, what a lovely font of memory

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we saw a net in the city sky today. we wondered what it was catching as we caught it to make shapes.

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g & d

our friend got married on the weekend. we were struck by how cool all the hand crafted decorations were. think lace buntings, think hand-made wooden post boxes for people to post wedding messages into, think bonboneries of compilation cd/gig tix with their names on it/cassette tape paperclip/coaster of old records… it was the goods. not that this picture does it any justice. we just thought it nicely tied in with his love of ‘cardboard cutouts’. soon, when we have our paws on more pics, we shall post them up.

happy wedding, HarPea’s

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au revoir

last day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. let’s bid it farewell with a big splash of autumnal colour!

(photos are of displays of beautiful leather bound journals in a shop in udaiphur…we did splash out ourselves on a colourful range of must-have journals!)

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jurassic lounge

last night we enjoyed a night at the australian museum, taking part in all the fun that the jurassic lounge had to offer. dinosaurs, live taxidermy, silent disco…what better way to spend a wintery tuesday eve!

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we love a good road trip & country NSW always offers the perfect setting to do this in.

this weekend found us, through mountains & farmlands, in the delightful mudgee. where the locals are so friendly you wonder if you’re rude for not smiling at every passerby. where delicious wine, locally sourced produce & organic goodness are aplenty…& where there’s so much love & care poured into each dish that is created that you end up grazing & drinking your way through the entire day. our favourite spot was this historic butcher-shop-turned- café. stunner.

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