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So Much Breakage!

‘… after so long’
‘And after so long’
‘It has been awhile since’
‘Boy have we been slack’

These are the beginning sentences to our last few blog posts (each spaced about 3 months apart). Sheesh, we’re like a broken record!

This recognition of our own personal broken record has coincided with a sudden urge of late to do a bit more writing. We thought this blog space might sill be a good place to share it, so here we are. Again.

Not quite sure what it’s going to be, but hoping what it’s NOT going to be is yet another series of broken records!

First up in the fresh new trail of breaking old records (of slackness, that is, so the good kind of record breaking)- a quickie just to ease back into it.

Above are some of our fave images from the past few months. Just to, you know, kinda catch up before we try to keep it up.

Check back in a week to see if we have successfully not broken our promise.

From top: signage in Vientiane, Laos; a collection of found vintage illustrated gems; our boxed shape roses that we stopped to smell one morn

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Field of Torn Dreams

On our wanderings through Ho Chi Minh City we came across a series of posters, each with a little tear to shed.

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What Wonders!

Oh, how lovely it is to be back in Bangers (Bangkok) our favourite place to go shopping crazy!

We’ve spent some quality time walking the shops & seeing what the local wardrobes are dying for & it is apparent all around: vintage galore with a modern twist!

Bright pop prints, sweet Peter Pan collars, high soaring waistlines are accented with contemporary cutaways and strong illustrative digital prints. So bright and yummy our mouths are watering. Just to give you an idea of the feel, we’ve taken a few snaps of our favourite place for window design: Flynow II. Deeeee-licious!

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we thought it would be fun to start a section on our blog called ‘me & oli’s day out’ where we feature a favourite piece from our collection alongside favourite pieces in… well, our wardrobe! a good excuse to play dress-ups!

this first post features:

– the me & oli ‘the birds & the beards’ glamoured dress (we have some in stock ready to buy off the rack from our etsy shop)

– loose, panelled jacket from one of our long time favourite sydney stores (despite the daggy name): Sydney97 in world square

– (of course, we never leave home without our) Deer Head necklace from our good friends at Mafia. we actually have one left in stock. feel free to email us if you love this Deer Head as much as we do!

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