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A flutter

It has been awhile since the last post, we know. Just been a few months of slight hermitude (except on Instagram, of course, if you’re on it.. do follow us on ‘meandoli’ & we shall look out for you!!) But general hermit hat has all been for a good cause for there is much releasing over the next few months. Can’t wait to tell you more.

For now, we thought we wouldn’t be such a stranger & so are sharing a few of the many found pictures we have collected over the past few months that have given our hearts a little flutter.

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smoking kids

not that we’re advocating smoking (& especially not for kids!) but this is pretty cool…

‘Smoking Kids’ Frieke Janssens

Found via Black Harbour

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what’s in a face?

Inspired by the National Photographic Portrait Prize we came across on our web wanderings the other day, we thought we would visit Art Gallery NSW where they happened to be showing over 45 photographic portraits from their collection in ‘Whats In A Face’, an exhibition that chronologically displays portraits taken from the late 19th Century through to 1900’s and to contemporary portraits. The exhibition focuses on the different practices between then through to now.

Then (late 19th Century) being about expressing ‘something of a person’s character, defining not only their individuality but also their social status’.

The In-Between (1900’s) being more about going ‘beyond portraiture of likeness’, experimenting with form, composition & technique so that the face and the person becomes an ‘allegory, a mood or simply an object’.

& the Now (now) bringing the subject back into the ‘socio-political’ sphere (we think it is a mix of this & those aforementioned practices of the past).

We wonder, as the line blurs between mediums of art (fashion, photography, illustration, video) what the Next holds.

(from top & chronologically) we have listed our highlights from the exhibition

‘Guadalupe de Rivera, Mexico’ 1924 by Edward Weston

‘Only to taste the warmth, the light, the wind’ 1939, Olive Cotton (one of our all time favourites)

‘The Movie Star: David Gulpilil On Bondi Beach’ 1985 by Tracey Moffatt

‘Shenae and Jade’ 2005 by Petrina Hicks

‘The Waiting Girl’, 2006 by Loretta Lux

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Sorry for the quietness. The hectic nature of the end of the year plummeted upon us & we unintentionally spared no time for some of the things we love doing. But slowly we resurface. We hope you all had a beautiful Christmas & have had a wonderful start to the New Year (& your resolutions, if any!)

Our New Years day comprised of a little breaking of (a little eating of processed foods) & a little playing with (more outdoors) our NY resolutions.
Balance is good though cos all in all it was a relaxing mix of noodles, pool & film on our projector.

Not really ones for period dramas we were surprised to absolutely love the film Jane Eyre. & as our favourite pastime is (film stalking)/ reading everything about any film after we watch it, we discovered that young Mia Wasikowska who portrays Jane Eyre has a bit of an eye for photography. Apparently she had a small pocket sewn into her costume on the set of the film perfect for tucking away a digital camera which she used to capture shots between takes. Above is a portrait she took of director Cary Fukunaga & co-star Jamie Bell which actually was selected as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2011*. We loved her before, now we love this talented lady even more!

*Listed also are some of our favourites from the competition (from top)

‘Jess, Danny & Mia’
by Marzena Wasikowska (Mia’s mum- what a talented bunch)

‘Bruno & Batman’
Andrew Cowen

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tree, line

beautiful, no?

‘This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales, involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.’ Zander Olsen

via BOOOOOOOM! via it’s nice that

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we used to call ourselves i-hate-nature girl. all that itchy, scratchy grass. little ants that throw themselves at your feet (& in your pants). all those bushes with snakes no doubt hiding & ready to pounce on you because that’s all they have to do all day.

but then one day a friend said to us ‘but you must love nature because everything you draw has to do with it’. & then we realised… well, come to think of it, it is probably our biggest source of inspiration. we DO have a deep love for it at heart! we just have to, um, get used to being in it.

& that, we’ve found as we grow older, is oh so very easy to do! the rugged, the rocky, the peace, the majesty. how can we have had anything but love for it all this time.

simple examples of this are pictured above. these shots are taken from our recent trip to the Flinders ranges, South Australia.

from top: the western side of wilpena pound mid afternoon; the same side at dusk; different choices for shoe attire on our impromptu hike (mt ohlssen bagge hike) yes there were thongs on the rocky, linear climb & descent; just hangin’ with nature.

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monkey business

on a wander through rozelle last week, we came across a most fetching window. it was claude jones’ monkey business’ exhibition at artereal gallery. turns out she focuses on creating mutant, hybrid & anthropomorphised forms. no wonder it was love at first sight for us!

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retro rad.

we’re currently in adelaide visiting two of our best friends in the world. what has struck us most about adelaide (or ‘radelaide’ as many locals have coined it) is the quietness, the quaintness (little streets & the low rise houses that line them), the gorgeous architecture (think wrought iron federation lattices lining stunning stand alone houses & pubs), the small trains (who’s a cute little train?) & the awesome vintage shops that you simply cannot leave without making a purchase.

the biggest gem that we have come across, thus far, has been our friends’ house in the heart meltingly sweet suburb of croydon.

untouched since the 70’s, their house is a tour de force of retro chic.
wallpapers that cry make-me-into-an-awesome-dress, wood panelling all around, a wooden deer head by the front door, a functioning Metters stove (that we can’t wait to use tonight), gold print mirrors whose pattern matches that on the lino tiles, a clock radio embedded into their wooden bed head (that is then embedded into a big wooden structure that is their bed stand/ wardrobe/ cupboard)… & so oh, so much more.

we have to say, the cherry on top is their ‘J’Imms Bar’ a pop up bar that they have completed just in time for our arrival: a ‘pool room’ where the swimming pool & the queen reside… & where we shall reside for the coming week. lucky us!

above are some pics from their gem of a place. we hope you enjoy it as much as we are. may we never leave (i think that was their plan).

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hey, tiger

oh, don’t you just love this incredible piece of art by our friend maria mosquera? look at the detail! it was created for the tiger translate competition. the competition is closed now & she was only about 40 facebook ‘likes’ behind the winner (it was one of those ‘the most likes wins’ comp)… BOOOOO! but we still love her piece the best (& no, we are not biased- see for yourself!) because… well, can’t you just imagine how incredible this piece would look as a print on a dress?!

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lé fridge

our folks are coming over for dinner tonight &, as is the usual case, we needed to do a clean up of the place! we started with the fridge & just felt like sharing it as it is filled with all the things we love: postcards from loved ones from all around the world (rome to moscow to the blue mountains), photos of our gorgeous nephew, photos of good times, pics from exhibitions we loved, scribbled pictures from our best friend’s twins, beloved magnets from our travels, place mat from our local seafood restaurant ‘codfather’, notes of love from friends… & of course our beloved ‘bearded’ magnet.

oh, the fridge, what a lovely font of memory

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g & d

our friend got married on the weekend. we were struck by how cool all the hand crafted decorations were. think lace buntings, think hand-made wooden post boxes for people to post wedding messages into, think bonboneries of compilation cd/gig tix with their names on it/cassette tape paperclip/coaster of old records… it was the goods. not that this picture does it any justice. we just thought it nicely tied in with his love of ‘cardboard cutouts’. soon, when we have our paws on more pics, we shall post them up.

happy wedding, HarPea’s

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just a tad taken by her head dress today…

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jurassic lounge

last night we enjoyed a night at the australian museum, taking part in all the fun that the jurassic lounge had to offer. dinosaurs, live taxidermy, silent disco…what better way to spend a wintery tuesday eve!

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passe ton bac d’abord.

passe ton bac d’abord. we have many a reason to love this film & none of them to do with the actual film itself.

ok, that sounds a little harsh, because this 70’s film is quite the hip young thing…

…but LOOK AT THAT CAT. EVERYTHING, including the film itself, is going to be completely & utterly eclipsed by this devastatingly HOT piece of awesomeness. we ♥!

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music never ceases to inspire. we’d be lying if we said we didn’t draw with one album or another on loop- words, melody, story gently weaving itself into our work.

the past few days we have been re-loving the shins. we are experiencing worrying fits of awe & astoundment for james mercer’s poetic writing- just can’t get enough!!

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