Cigarette cards, Anatomy books & more

Recently, we got accepted to be a part of the wonderful Lepus Australis exhibition… SO exciting!! A very bunny exhibition featuring the works of so many amazing Australian illustrators- Emma Leonard, Sally Land, Lilly Piri, Courtney Brims, Kirbee Lawler, The Storybook Rabbit, McKean Studio just to name a few.

WHAT AN HONOUR to have the opportunity to have whatever we create hanging alongside the works of these stupidly talented peops!!

The question was: what to do?!

We’ve been a little obsessed with beautiful vintage printed anything- anatomy illustrations from the 1940’s, cigarette cards from the 1920’s, 1960’s animal studies books, 40 year old trashy novels in the discount pile.

We’veĀ  been hungry for exploring how to incorporate these images into an artwork.. not a copy & paste exercise but more a re-creation and re-interpretation of sorts (the desaturated and yellowed-with-age tones so easily lends themselves to this).

& so this was the path we took with our artwork: illustration & collage galore.

Here’s a few snippets of our work in progress as well as a little sneak preview of our artwork:

Full reveal of the artwork and more details of the exhibition to come- just keep early July free if you are a Melbournite!

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