So Much Breakage!

‘… after so long’
‘And after so long’
‘It has been awhile since’
‘Boy have we been slack’

These are the beginning sentences to our last few blog posts (each spaced about 3 months apart). Sheesh, we’re like a broken record!

This recognition of our own personal broken record has coincided with a sudden urge of late to do a bit more writing. We thought this blog space might sill be a good place to share it, so here we are. Again.

Not quite sure what it’s going to be, but hoping what it’s NOT going to be is yet another series of broken records!

First up in the fresh new trail of breaking old records (of slackness, that is, so the good kind of record breaking)- a quickie just to ease back into it.

Above are some of our fave images from the past few months. Just to, you know, kinda catch up before we try to keep it up.

Check back in a week to see if we have successfully not broken our promise.

From top: signage in Vientiane, Laos; a collection of found vintage illustrated gems; our boxed shape roses that we stopped to smell one morn

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