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The Descendants

We had high expectations going in to see The Descendants & we surely were not disappointed. What a wonderful film. Filled with all those moments that are funny, heartwarming, sad and, well, funny this film has an original story (this trailer pretty much tells you the premise of it) but it is not just the story but the characters, the relationships (& how these develop over the course of the film) & the perfectly cast crew that make this film a strong & memorable one. George Clooney is fantastic in it. As is Shailene Woodley who perfectly plays his eldest daughter. As is that guy from the first Scream (Matthew Lillard). As is pretty much everyone else in the film… and the incredible Hawaiian setting. Alexander Payne, love it, you’ve done good. Four and a half stars.

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Sans Stockings

Well, wasn’t it a delight stumbling across this little tid bit!

Did you know that back in the 1940’s when there was the war & a shortage in stockings, ladies had the option of getting their ‘stockings’ painted on- with a ‘seam line’ down the back of the calf to boot? No? Neither did we! Say good bye to ladders!

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Visually arresting with laugh-out-loud moments, Submarine, the directorial debut for Richard Ayoade is an absolute gem of a film.

Craig Roberts is perfect as Oliver Tate who falls in love with a classmate and also sets out to fix his mum and dad’s marriage. Each character is perfectly cast & forms a fine ensemble to tell this common story of adolescent love, problems & worries in the most engaging, funny and refreshing way.

Off beat, wry and fun (with a gorgeous performance from Noah Taylor as Dad) this visually sublime film hit a great note in the tone & we absolutely loved it. Four and a half stars.

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smoking kids

not that we’re advocating smoking (& especially not for kids!) but this is pretty cool…

‘Smoking Kids’ Frieke Janssens

Found via Black Harbour

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The Ides Of March

Whether through his directing, acting, screen writing, producing or all of the above, George Clooney always has the ability to bring to, & tell, us a political story in laymans term. Well, put them into more decipherable terms for the not-so-politically-minded like us anyway. Take Syriana (written & directed by Stephen Gaghan) for instance. Executively produced & acted in by George Clooney, this incredible geopolitical thriller still easily sits in our top 5 films of all time.

The Ides of March may not be positioned here but it is still a pretty damn great film.
If you didn’t know, George Clooney directed it, produced it, acted in it & hell, co-wrote the screenplay too (based on a play called Farragut North).

It is set in the ‘crucial’ Ohio in the lead up to the American Presidential election. As each character, ‘married to the campaign’, works towards this top job- anything goes, including ideals. As the campaigning goes on through the movie, we witness increasing pressure on all characters &, slowly revealed are, the dodgy dealings and betrayal that, sadly, seems to be a normal part of politics. Oh yay, thanks George Clooney for reminding us of this. No, just kidding, we loved this intense political thriller (& we know from Drive that the Dish- oops, I mean Ryan Gosling- does ‘intense’ well!) and we give it four and a half stars (the extra half comes from the mere fact that George Clooney & the all star cast turned something political which is, for us, as dull as Brussels sprouts into something incredible).

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what’s in a face?

Inspired by the National Photographic Portrait Prize we came across on our web wanderings the other day, we thought we would visit Art Gallery NSW where they happened to be showing over 45 photographic portraits from their collection in ‘Whats In A Face’, an exhibition that chronologically displays portraits taken from the late 19th Century through to 1900’s and to contemporary portraits. The exhibition focuses on the different practices between then through to now.

Then (late 19th Century) being about expressing ‘something of a person’s character, defining not only their individuality but also their social status’.

The In-Between (1900’s) being more about going ‘beyond portraiture of likeness’, experimenting with form, composition & technique so that the face and the person becomes an ‘allegory, a mood or simply an object’.

& the Now (now) bringing the subject back into the ‘socio-political’ sphere (we think it is a mix of this & those aforementioned practices of the past).

We wonder, as the line blurs between mediums of art (fashion, photography, illustration, video) what the Next holds.

(from top & chronologically) we have listed our highlights from the exhibition

‘Guadalupe de Rivera, Mexico’ 1924 by Edward Weston

‘Only to taste the warmth, the light, the wind’ 1939, Olive Cotton (one of our all time favourites)

‘The Movie Star: David Gulpilil On Bondi Beach’ 1985 by Tracey Moffatt

‘Shenae and Jade’ 2005 by Petrina Hicks

‘The Waiting Girl’, 2006 by Loretta Lux

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Sorry for the quietness. The hectic nature of the end of the year plummeted upon us & we unintentionally spared no time for some of the things we love doing. But slowly we resurface. We hope you all had a beautiful Christmas & have had a wonderful start to the New Year (& your resolutions, if any!)

Our New Years day comprised of a little breaking of (a little eating of processed foods) & a little playing with (more outdoors) our NY resolutions.
Balance is good though cos all in all it was a relaxing mix of noodles, pool & film on our projector.

Not really ones for period dramas we were surprised to absolutely love the film Jane Eyre. & as our favourite pastime is (film stalking)/ reading everything about any film after we watch it, we discovered that young Mia Wasikowska who portrays Jane Eyre has a bit of an eye for photography. Apparently she had a small pocket sewn into her costume on the set of the film perfect for tucking away a digital camera which she used to capture shots between takes. Above is a portrait she took of director Cary Fukunaga & co-star Jamie Bell which actually was selected as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2011*. We loved her before, now we love this talented lady even more!

*Listed also are some of our favourites from the competition (from top)

‘Jess, Danny & Mia’
by Marzena Wasikowska (Mia’s mum- what a talented bunch)

‘Bruno & Batman’
Andrew Cowen

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