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the senate

there is something new coming to the me & oli shop. Think Tanks!

we are busy designing new artwork & we just can’t wait to show you.

first up in the series, this here is The Senate. we shall keep you posted on when you can get your paws on these!

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tailor stall

as some of you know, we will be holding a stall at the sydney finders keepers markets next friday, december 2 (yay!)

our stall will be like a pop up tailor shop, where you can come, choose a print, choose a dress/top shape, get measured up & we will make your chosen dress/top to order… exciting!!

so, we have been busy brewing up ideas for how to set up our stall. we thought we’d share here some of our tailor shop inspiration… we’re looking forward to bringing our set to life!

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yet another powerful & devastingly moody piece from danish director nichola winding refn, comes the film drive. driven by ryan gosling’s captivating ability to say little but express so much, he is driver- a stuntman by day, a getaway driver by night and a loner all his life. until he falls in love with his neighbour (carey mulligan). not such a girl next door, because it is from her connections & past that trouble comes for driver as he falls deeply in love & gives all he has for her.

gripping, sexy, moving and downright violent, & with a great soundtrack to boot, drive will take a firm hold of your breath & not let it go for the next 24 hours. four and a half stars.

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a little sneak peak of our photoshoot last night.

there were balloons and there were confetti (yes, inspired by the Flaming Lips gig we saw at Harvest Festival on the weekend)!

& most importantly… there were new me & oli pieces! more details to come in the lead up to christmas!

thank you to the lovely team: andy, belle & bel. couldn’t have done it without you guys!

we will be posting you their details too in the coming weeks.

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we’re doing a photoshoot for some new me & oli pieces tonight (yes, new pieces yay!)

above are some of our inspirations for the shoot. can’t wait to show you the final product!!

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we used to call ourselves i-hate-nature girl. all that itchy, scratchy grass. little ants that throw themselves at your feet (& in your pants). all those bushes with snakes no doubt hiding & ready to pounce on you because that’s all they have to do all day.

but then one day a friend said to us ‘but you must love nature because everything you draw has to do with it’. & then we realised… well, come to think of it, it is probably our biggest source of inspiration. we DO have a deep love for it at heart! we just have to, um, get used to being in it.

& that, we’ve found as we grow older, is oh so very easy to do! the rugged, the rocky, the peace, the majesty. how can we have had anything but love for it all this time.

simple examples of this are pictured above. these shots are taken from our recent trip to the Flinders ranges, South Australia.

from top: the western side of wilpena pound mid afternoon; the same side at dusk; different choices for shoe attire on our impromptu hike (mt ohlssen bagge hike) yes there were thongs on the rocky, linear climb & descent; just hangin’ with nature.

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record covered walls

how good are old record covers? we stumbled across a café in adelaide that had covered their walls with… well record covers. we had a grand old time staring at each & every cover, reminiscing as well as crying ‘oh my god, look how young so-&-so looks’. a good old time was had doing this whilst waiting for the gorgeous bagels that were being served up at the café! a fine combination one would say!

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me & oli christmas cards

can you believe we are 2 months away from the new year? which means, christmas is just a little less than 2 months away!

for those of you who are organised & have already begun your christmas shopping, we’re excited to let you know that we have illustrated a set of 6 chrissy cards for La La Land.

Available at many shops around Australia… including Made590! We shall post you a full list of stockists over the next few days.

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