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mad bastards

Inspired by the red crackling earth of the outback, we thought we would devote this Saturday’s film blog post to Mad Bastards, a film that takes you to a remote part of Western Australia and brings to you the lives, loves, struggles, celebrations & culture of the characters involved.

It is a first feature film for writer/director Brendan Fletcher & for most of the actors, it is their first too as many of the cast members are non professionals whose characters are based on their own real lives. This brings a strong sense of reality to the dialogue as we are taken on a journey with TJ, an Aboriginal man with a fiery edge, as he travels to a frontier town to meet his son whom he has never met. It is not a rosy reunion & so the story follows the damaging affects of the absence of a strong father figure & the repairing and reestablishment of relationships. All set in the back drop of the stark, beautiful outback and with beautiful melodies from the Pigram Brothers woven in, it is a moving tale that is hilarious in parts, hard in others & heartwarming for the remainder. Three and a half stars.

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thelma on the road

We just visited the incredible Flinders Ranges where majestic mountain ranges meet vast flat plains. Where the earth is a crackling red, the road stretches endlessly into the hazy distance & where emus & brown snakes wait to cross the road. We took our Thelma top on the trip with us & thought we’d share with you some pics from the holiday album. If you’d like to take your own Thelma top on a trip (away or just out on a day/night), you can find her here. made to order & in your print of choice from the me & oli library!

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monkey business

on a wander through rozelle last week, we came across a most fetching window. it was claude jones’ monkey business’ exhibition at artereal gallery. turns out she focuses on creating mutant, hybrid & anthropomorphised forms. no wonder it was love at first sight for us!

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retro rad.

we’re currently in adelaide visiting two of our best friends in the world. what has struck us most about adelaide (or ‘radelaide’ as many locals have coined it) is the quietness, the quaintness (little streets & the low rise houses that line them), the gorgeous architecture (think wrought iron federation lattices lining stunning stand alone houses & pubs), the small trains (who’s a cute little train?) & the awesome vintage shops that you simply cannot leave without making a purchase.

the biggest gem that we have come across, thus far, has been our friends’ house in the heart meltingly sweet suburb of croydon.

untouched since the 70’s, their house is a tour de force of retro chic.
wallpapers that cry make-me-into-an-awesome-dress, wood panelling all around, a wooden deer head by the front door, a functioning Metters stove (that we can’t wait to use tonight), gold print mirrors whose pattern matches that on the lino tiles, a clock radio embedded into their wooden bed head (that is then embedded into a big wooden structure that is their bed stand/ wardrobe/ cupboard)… & so oh, so much more.

we have to say, the cherry on top is their ‘J’Imms Bar’ a pop up bar that they have completed just in time for our arrival: a ‘pool room’ where the swimming pool & the queen reside… & where we shall reside for the coming week. lucky us!

above are some pics from their gem of a place. we hope you enjoy it as much as we are. may we never leave (i think that was their plan).

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norwegian wood

we read this novel a very long time ago & so, much of the story had escaped our memories… except for certain parts, so beautifully written they left a vivid image in our minds. & of course, as with many haruki murakami books, a powerful and intoxicating sense of aloneness (is that a word?), love, sorrow and emptiness.

norwegian wood, the film, has captured our memories of this mood & tone perfectly- thanks to the breathtaking work of tran anh gun (the director & writer).

this film is so beautifully spoken that our breath catches in our chest & never escapes. visually sublime, each frame is like a still photograph into which you can lay down & envelope yourself in for hours on end. from intimate close-ups (it helps when it involves the intoxicating faces of rinko kikuchi & kenichi matsuyama) to breathtaking wide shots of stark white haunting snowy landscapes. this film perfectly portrays the fragility, the love, the desire, the pain, the sorrow and the encroaching emptiness that is this beautiful , heartbreaking tale of a moment in one person’s life in love. four & a ‘alf stars.

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as we draw towards warmer weather in this part of the world, we thought we’d send a little reminder for those of you out there who are sydney siders: don’t forget to visit the Follow Store where some special me & oli pieces can be found, ready to roll for summer!

of course, while you’re there, get lost in the gorgeousness that is the shop & all the wonderful treats that can be found in this gem of a store.

if you’re not in sydney, these pieces pictured can also be custom made just for you… in all other varieties of illustrated prints. simply click the links below & toggle through the ‘prints’ (by clicking the ‘change print’ tab) to find the artwork that most tickles your fancy!

left: let’s fall top

centre: i promise dress

right: thelma top

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finders keepers

yay! we found out earlier in the week that we got accepted into the Sydney Finders Keepers markets (dec 2-3)! so very excited!

for those of you abroad, the Finders Keepers are incredible design & art markets that are dedicated to supporting emerging designers & artists in Australia. their markets are always jam packed with amazing works, live music, art installations… and is always a real feast for the senses. check out their flyer above (illustrated by the very talented beth emily) just to get a taste for their flavour.

for those of you in sydney… come & join in on the fun! we can’t wait to see you!

it has been a few years now since we had our first stall at the finders keepers. & what amazing opportunities came from it: editorial, textile design work for prominent australian labels.

so we have to say, we are so excited to get started on the design of our stall: think interactive, think tailor shop, think getting measured up at our stall for your very own custom made me & oli dress! all that & a whole bunch of new me & oli products just in time for summer! yay!

we shall keep you posted with the blue print.

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we thought it would be fun to start a section on our blog called ‘me & oli’s day out’ where we feature a favourite piece from our collection alongside favourite pieces in… well, our wardrobe! a good excuse to play dress-ups!

this first post features:

– the me & oli ‘the birds & the beards’ glamoured dress (we have some in stock ready to buy off the rack from our etsy shop)

– loose, panelled jacket from one of our long time favourite sydney stores (despite the daggy name): Sydney97 in world square

– (of course, we never leave home without our) Deer Head necklace from our good friends at Mafia. we actually have one left in stock. feel free to email us if you love this Deer Head as much as we do!

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horrible to think we live in a world where people like john bunting exist. named ‘australia’s worst serial killer,’ he was responsible for the horrific bodies in barrels or ‘snowtown’ murders that shocked the nation back in the 90’s.

‘snowtown’ is based on his story. a great manipulator of people, a few came under his wings to assist in the killings. the film focuses on his influence on one of these people: the young & very impressionable james vlassakis.

eery, confronting & down right disturbing in parts, ‘snowtown’ offers up a context that gives insight into how these atrocities could have occurred- how Bunting so ‘cunningly infected the minds’ of the degenerate subculture around him to the extent that they aided in his killings.

it’s one of those films that leaves chills in your bones and makes you wonder if it is necessary for this story to be relived & told in detail… in a way, from a public perspective, it was good to be able to attach a background to the ‘bodies in barrels’ news we heard about way back when. but how must the victims’ family feel to have to go through it all again? it is a powerful (& well written & shot) film. but just gonna leave it unrated for now.

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hey, tiger

oh, don’t you just love this incredible piece of art by our friend maria mosquera? look at the detail! it was created for the tiger translate competition. the competition is closed now & she was only about 40 facebook ‘likes’ behind the winner (it was one of those ‘the most likes wins’ comp)… BOOOOO! but we still love her piece the best (& no, we are not biased- see for yourself!) because… well, can’t you just imagine how incredible this piece would look as a print on a dress?!

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last night we dreamt about these row of chairs that we saw in kolkata. we dreamt that it was in our projector room. but they work well where they are: as an impromptu seating in the alleyway across from a chai vendor.

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a wander

one thing we love about going for a wander in a new area is… seeing new walls. this one, in the sweet suburb of rozelle, took our fancy.

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oot and aboot

art and about is on again in sydney so it was a good excuse to leave our postcode for a jaunt into town. here are a few pics. funnily enough, our favourite things we saw were not part of the exhibition: new buildings sprouting up throughout the city & a run down toy factory.

(the last picture is of ‘deconstructing ways’ which stood like a big pop up book in a laneway)

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the white ribbon

set in a northern german village just a little before world war 1, this tale takes a dark look at societal & family politics.

in the director michael haneke’s words, this film is about “the origin of every type of terrorism, be it of political or religious nature.”
and so we see a series of mysterious & cruel incidences that start occurring throughout this small village.
with the culprits unknown, an atmosphere of fear is set… & it doesn’t help that a group of children (off springs of the puritanical Pastor, one of the powerful members of the community) dressed in their floor skimming early 20th century gowns haunt many scenes. there’s something scary about children dressed in long gowns descending a long, dark staircase. and marching in a big group across wheat fields. it doesn’t help either when one of them, with uncharacteristically dishevelled hair, cruelly impales a parakeet with a letter opener.

but let us not spoil anymore of the story. this film is incredibly effective, draws you in, leaves you unnerved & is a must see. 4 and a half stars!

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