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lé fridge

our folks are coming over for dinner tonight &, as is the usual case, we needed to do a clean up of the place! we started with the fridge & just felt like sharing it as it is filled with all the things we love: postcards from loved ones from all around the world (rome to moscow to the blue mountains), photos of our gorgeous nephew, photos of good times, pics from exhibitions we loved, scribbled pictures from our best friend’s twins, beloved magnets from our travels, place mat from our local seafood restaurant ‘codfather’, notes of love from friends… & of course our beloved ‘bearded’ magnet.

oh, the fridge, what a lovely font of memory

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we saw a net in the city sky today. we wondered what it was catching as we caught it to make shapes.

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g & d

our friend got married on the weekend. we were struck by how cool all the hand crafted decorations were. think lace buntings, think hand-made wooden post boxes for people to post wedding messages into, think bonboneries of compilation cd/gig tix with their names on it/cassette tape paperclip/coaster of old records… it was the goods. not that this picture does it any justice. we just thought it nicely tied in with his love of ‘cardboard cutouts’. soon, when we have our paws on more pics, we shall post them up.

happy wedding, HarPea’s

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sun, you’re a little too big for me

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M. Night Shyamalan, you never fail to leave us jittery after watching any of your tales!

Raised on horror movies* (mum is a big fan) we forgot there was a reason why we left them in our childhood. & so Devil was borrowed. & all the reasons came flooding back. Now we’ve spent the past few days since watching the film feeling nervous in dark, empty spaces… & avoiding elevators.

Think confined spaces, think evil, think the unknown, think everything is ALL bad & you have one hell of a fear instilled in you. Four stars.

* whilst thinking about this little review of ours, we thought we’d read a little about the perfect horror film formula. number crunchers have come up with a formula… have a read, cos yup- that pretty much applied to Devil!

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a sneak preview…

click here to see a sneak preview of a little something we are getting made. could it be a bag, could it be a sheet…or could it be an awesome something or other that you can don?! stay tuned for more info. thank you to nathan at bestylin for his great digital printing goodness ♥

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i am love (Io sono l’amore)

this is a italian film from a few years ago that we have been meaning to watch.

tilda swinton’s regal height, whip thin frame & odd combination of facial features never fail to captivate us. nor do the characters she portrays: often tender & motherly, always strong & interesting.

as emma recchi in ‘i am love’ she is all of the above. wife to the patriarch of an haute bourgeoisie family, this film focuses on her (& her illicit affair) as it muses on milieu, social classes, social structure & how individuals react within it.

this film is at times succulent & is peppered throughout with beautiful 1950’s touches: in the titling, music, camera angles, the beat & more. but the pepper didn’t cover all &, add a bit of jarring editing to it, we felt that this ambitious film fell slightly short of the awesome grandeur it could have been (although watching tilda speak italian throughout the entire film was pretty awesome). three stars.

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Fashion as Art Exhibition: BSG

if you’re in & around melbourne tomorrow night (friday, september 9), don’t miss the opening of the ‘Fashion as Art’ exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery, where some of our works will be displaying alongside the wonderful works of other artists.

exhibiting will be 6 me & oli limited edition canvas prints straight from our beloved Puns & Fables photo archive…yay!

the exhibition runs for 2 weeks only: friday, september 8- thursday, september 22.

♥ ♥ ♥

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shona joy: long island

we thought we’d share another print that we did for the wonderful shona joy. this one is ‘long island’. monkeys, bananas & choc coloured bongos. what a fun print to paint! & look at those shona joy shapes…definitely must-haves for the balminess of this summer! this collection is in stores now.

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From Mike Mills, the director of Thumbsucker, comes Beginners- another genuine, moving & funny film about… well, life & love.

The story is semi-autobiographical with Hal (Christopher Plummer) the father of the late-thirties Oliver (Ewan Mcgregor) coming out as gay at the age of 75 & exploring & enjoying this aspect of his life fully before his death 4 years later.

The non-linear approach to the film, with narration by the soft lull that is Oliver’s voice, gently & poignantly takes us back & forth between Oliver’s past & present as he deals with his father’s death at the same time as meeting the captivating Anna (Mélanie Laurent).

Playful, tender, touching &, at moments, downright hilarious- make sure you have a net ready cos your heart will for each & every one of the characters (yes, including Hal’s dog whose mind we read via subtitles). four & a half stars!

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shona joy: ‘moroccan love’

once upon a time we worked for shona joy…& how lucky we were for it! because shona has always been a big inspiration to us in all areas, especially the textile prints department- where she is always with an eye for the classic and reworking this, with a twist, for modern day wear.

lucky us we have had the great opportunity to work with shona again to create some prints for a few of her collections.

featured above is the ‘Moroccan Love’ print where the brief was Moroccan inspired tiles & the reference was a very cool collaged palm tree & a stunning book featuring pool parties across the globe in the 70’s, all in the setting of to-die-for houses (or should we say mansions!) lined with gigantic arches & detailed with intricate tiling.

shona, always looking to recreate a classic idea for print in new ways, wanted us to create this tiling affect using our favourite technique: collaging of textures…

…& as you can see, in the signature shona joy way, she has yet again brought a print to life in her elegant, sexy & oh-so-wearable shapes!

this collection can be found in stores as of this week…just in time for spring in the southern hemisphere!


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