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au revoir

last day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. let’s bid it farewell with a big splash of autumnal colour!

(photos are of displays of beautiful leather bound journals in a shop in udaiphur…we did splash out ourselves on a colourful range of must-have journals!)

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just a tad taken by her head dress today…

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the square

yay! it’s saturday, our designated day to indulge in film sharing!

we have to admit we have a bit of a filmmaker crush on nash edgerton. ‘stuntman and film director’, need we say more.

perhaps it’s because of this stuntman background that his short films* never fail to draw a collective gasp & jolt from the audience at one point or another.

The Square (2008), his feature film, is no different. co-written by joel edgerton & matthew dabner, we don’t know why it came & went without much attention. because this gritty thriller is dark, high impact & filled with well devised tension that will have you clutching the edge of your seat till the very last jolt. 4 & a half stars!

* to get a feel for his work (& sense of humour!) check out our favourite shorts of his, both ‘spider‘ & it’s sequel ‘bear’.

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you on me

well we had to do something about the feline swimsuit from the 70’s film we posted about earlier in the week! this is also inspired by the clever people at we are handsome whose hot swimsuits we saw & reminded us of the aforementioned film!

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jurassic lounge

last night we enjoyed a night at the australian museum, taking part in all the fun that the jurassic lounge had to offer. dinosaurs, live taxidermy, silent disco…what better way to spend a wintery tuesday eve!

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passe ton bac d’abord.

passe ton bac d’abord. we have many a reason to love this film & none of them to do with the actual film itself.

ok, that sounds a little harsh, because this 70’s film is quite the hip young thing…

…but LOOK AT THAT CAT. EVERYTHING, including the film itself, is going to be completely & utterly eclipsed by this devastatingly HOT piece of awesomeness. we ♥!

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music never ceases to inspire. we’d be lying if we said we didn’t draw with one album or another on loop- words, melody, story gently weaving itself into our work.

the past few days we have been re-loving the shins. we are experiencing worrying fits of awe & astoundment for james mercer’s poetic writing- just can’t get enough!!

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silent souls.

watching films has quite possibly got to be one of our favourite pastimes in life. we love it! for this reason, we think we might make saturday film post day…

today we want to share ‘silent souls’, a russian film directed by Aleksei Fedorchenko.

an elegiac tale, this film is powerful in its quietness and ‘intertwines loss, memory & longing’. it sweeps across the absolutely stunning landscape of russia as the characters follow a funerary ritual of the merya people that takes them through thick pine filled forests to the volga river. put a jumper on because this hypnotic film is so beautifully haunting it sends shivers…& the taiga is cold & looks it too! four stars!

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kitchen sink

will we ever tire of courier new, sticky tape & hipstamatic? probz not.

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clutching walls

we’ve been a little taken by various plants clutching to & crawling across walls in the inner west. a few moments to stop & watch is never wasted.

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today’s obsession: the eastern spinebill. perhaps a good excuse for a road trip from the east of the great dividing range in queensland to the flinders ranges in south australia where these beautiful winged creatures can be spotted

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bunting on bunting.

we have to admit, we’re a bit obsessed with birds at the moment (actually, have we never always been?!) so, when the wonderful la la land (who represent a line-up of amazing illustrators & artists on their amazing array of paper products) asked us to design a bunting for their collection that launched at Life Instyle…well, we couldn’t resist putting bunting on bunting. well, these particular birds aren’t technically buntings…but, um, they’re close!

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marvellous magnolia

with a month of winter still to go in the southern hemisphere, a cheeky mild & spring-like few days popped up last week…& with it erupted clusters of misled magnolias. & oh, how we marvelled.

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we love a good road trip & country NSW always offers the perfect setting to do this in.

this weekend found us, through mountains & farmlands, in the delightful mudgee. where the locals are so friendly you wonder if you’re rude for not smiling at every passerby. where delicious wine, locally sourced produce & organic goodness are aplenty…& where there’s so much love & care poured into each dish that is created that you end up grazing & drinking your way through the entire day. our favourite spot was this historic butcher-shop-turned- café. stunner.

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