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a dash of colour in the dark

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we’re alive!

we are most excited to announce:
the me & oli online shop is LIVE.

the me & oli online shop is no ordinary shop. because here our menagerie of delightful creatures lead you through a series of handcrafted textile prints & easy-to-wear garment shapes just so you can see what combination tickles your fancy.

yes ‘combination’, because here at our shop, you can CHOOSE your favourite me & oli print & MATCH it to a garment shape from our library….& we will lovingly make your garment TO ORDER! yay! a tailor-made me & oli garment!

so, come on in, have fun &…’choose your own’ adventure!

♥ ♥ ♥

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as tas devs says: you might have noticed our online shop is live (!!) we haven’t shouted it out to the whole world yet because we are still perfecting it & ironing out any teething issues. hold tight though, we are not far off from giving a massive SHOUT out (with a few instructions of course on how to play this game!)

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we’re always a sucker for floatation mid air. that is why we have fallen head over heels in love with the very clever yowayowa camera woman diary


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have a feeling tomorrow (today) will punish tonight’s stolen sleep.

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we saw this artwork by chinese artist hong lei a little while back at white rabbit gallery & quite loved it. glad to come across this gently, daintily, curious piece again.

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oh, jónsi

as the gail force wind picks up today, threatening to sweep us off our feet, our mind floats back….

when we first saw Jónsi, he didn’t have the incredible sets (created by Fifty Nine Productions) that he had when touring the northern hemisphere.

but his soaring falsetto was enough to make us feel like we had been kidnapped by a bird for a night.

this captivating video clip is old, but it will never leave us.

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off our mind wanders tonight, deep into the past, & at moments, deep into the deceivingly colourful dark.

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today is texture day. we can’t get enough of it.

(clockwise from top) jaipur, udaiphur, bundee, fort kochi

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