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yet he is still on my mind

on the weekend we had the honour of showcasing our artwork alongside a group of amazing artists at the drawn from fashion exhibition organised by leeloo held in melbourne. oh, how we wish we could have been there to see the show! the brief for each artist was to pick a photograph from the l’oreal melbourne fashion festival archive & use that as inspiration.

because we dearly love our friends at romance was born for their wild & wonderful ways we just had to pick a pic of theirs! & so we chose a photograph of their ‘tundra knit monster’ from their ‘yeti magic’ collection. yetis, monsters, a magic world all in the setting of the barren, windy tundra…what more could we ask for!

this particular piece actually took us forever! it is pretty much one big collage: the yeti in the backdrop is comprised of many, many, many tiny slices of paper (photographic prints of textured walls) making up his fur & the girl, the hair, the kanchenzonga & surrounding mountains, the birds in the backdrop have all been illustrated separately & placed together at the end to create one big landscape. let’s just say we are so grateful for the invention of spray adhesive! oh! & we also knitted her bottoms out of very fine paper….glad all our knitting as kids came back to us for this fun project!

we called this piece ‘yet, he is still on my mind’…a little play on the words ‘yeti’….& we are a sucker for yearning & all the longing feelings that come with it!


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oceans a part.

whilst going through our acres of old work recently (some good & some not so!), we came across some wonderful photos from a photoshoot we styled a few years back. ’twas a 1950’s george caddy-esque theme. we will have to upload the photos some time with more details. but for now, we couldn’t help but post this one up. isn’t gordon’s bay a slice of wonderful? actually, we’re more taken by the beautiful bathing caps we stumbled upon!

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climax tailoring

another one of our pics from our travels through india. taken as the bus whizzed through a small dusty town in fort kochi (kerala) in the southern regions of india.

we’ve been thinking & talking a lot of custom making clothes here at me&oli & we think this photo most fitting to our thoughts & talks. we’re always a sucker for texture also. we think 2/3 of the photos taken through our travels are of just textured walls & old signs. perhaps they will make an appearance soon in another me&oli collage…just gotta think of a suitable subject! hmmm, perhaps a lovely old cow.

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for every moment we miss something we lost, we kind of hope it returns again.

the hard bit we try not to think about is if it never returns ever after.

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we love a bit of sculpting & what better fun than sculpting over-sized light bulbs!

this is an album cover shoot we styled for LA artist, Yenn.


photography: karen heath

styling: lalita lu (me&oli)

hair: belinda goodwin

make-up: zoe slatyer

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the wicked wind

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eastern spinebill

how the time flies, sometimes it would be wonderful to hold it right here for a moment or two…

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me&oli’s adventure to india!

…we won’t bore you with all 1947 photos we took, we might just pop some up here & there from time to time. there will be many walls & goats. like this one.

winding down the 2km path from nahargarh in jaipur one dusk, the hasty speed of our descent matched that of the drop in temperature as the sun finished up for the day. this little goat really didn’t want the sun to leave. the wall was warm from a day baking in the sun…& oh how ol’ mr. goat was pressed against it!

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a kiss, amiss.

it’s funny how cold, grey weather can make your mind trace back to another time. it’s as if the physical act of drawing in from the cold leads the mind to draw into itself, sometimes into the dusty back shelf we had neglected for awhile. it’s kind of nice to blow the dust off with a ‘whoosh’ & remember it all again…sometimes.

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a part in your hair

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head over heels

did you ever find yourself so…

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