Cigarette cards, Anatomy books & more

Recently, we got accepted to be a part of the wonderful Lepus Australis exhibition… SO exciting!! A very bunny exhibition featuring the works of so many amazing Australian illustrators- Emma Leonard, Sally Land, Lilly Piri, Courtney Brims, Kirbee Lawler, The Storybook Rabbit, McKean Studio just to name a few.

WHAT AN HONOUR to have the opportunity to have whatever we create hanging alongside the works of these stupidly talented peops!!

The question was: what to do?!

We’ve been a little obsessed with beautiful vintage printed anything- anatomy illustrations from the 1940’s, cigarette cards from the 1920’s, 1960’s animal studies books, 40 year old trashy novels in the discount pile.

We’ve  been hungry for exploring how to incorporate these images into an artwork.. not a copy & paste exercise but more a re-creation and re-interpretation of sorts (the desaturated and yellowed-with-age tones so easily lends themselves to this).

& so this was the path we took with our artwork: illustration & collage galore.

Here’s a few snippets of our work in progress as well as a little sneak preview of our artwork:

Full reveal of the artwork and more details of the exhibition to come- just keep early July free if you are a Melbournite!

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So Much Breakage!

‘… after so long’
‘And after so long’
‘It has been awhile since’
‘Boy have we been slack’

These are the beginning sentences to our last few blog posts (each spaced about 3 months apart). Sheesh, we’re like a broken record!

This recognition of our own personal broken record has coincided with a sudden urge of late to do a bit more writing. We thought this blog space might sill be a good place to share it, so here we are. Again.

Not quite sure what it’s going to be, but hoping what it’s NOT going to be is yet another series of broken records!

First up in the fresh new trail of breaking old records (of slackness, that is, so the good kind of record breaking)- a quickie just to ease back into it.

Above are some of our fave images from the past few months. Just to, you know, kinda catch up before we try to keep it up.

Check back in a week to see if we have successfully not broken our promise.

From top: signage in Vientiane, Laos; a collection of found vintage illustrated gems; our boxed shape roses that we stopped to smell one morn

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A collective sigh of happiness from us as we return to our blog after so long. We do apologise for the absence. Our feet had been run off. On such fun projects as this one here: Writing Things . One of a series of wonderful, thought-provoking guides for writers devised by Shaun Levin. We had the pleasure of illustrating objects aplenty for this nifty little writer’s guide. Can’t wait to get our one in the post soon. Writer or just plain lover of illustrations- you can get your hands on one too. Right about here. Love.

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Devils At Dusk

And after so long, a preview of our brand new artwork ‘Devils At Dusk’ created in collaboration with Made590!

Inspired by Christina from Made590’s vision of capturing the great Australian dusk, Me & Oli have created an artwork that celebrates the depth and richness of Australian flora and fauna at dusk- our favourite time of day when all things are imbued with the delicious warm hues of sunset.

This artwork is a textile yardage print to be featured over a number of delicious base cloths & oh-so-pretty garments from Made 590… & perhaps a limited edition range of something or other from Me & Oli… more to be revealed in the New Year!

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A flutter

It has been awhile since the last post, we know. Just been a few months of slight hermitude (except on Instagram, of course, if you’re on it.. do follow us on ‘meandoli’ & we shall look out for you!!) But general hermit hat has all been for a good cause for there is much releasing over the next few months. Can’t wait to tell you more.

For now, we thought we wouldn’t be such a stranger & so are sharing a few of the many found pictures we have collected over the past few months that have given our hearts a little flutter.

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Field of Torn Dreams

On our wanderings through Ho Chi Minh City we came across a series of posters, each with a little tear to shed.

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Bad Boys

We’re only just getting into the HBO series Boardwalk Empire and for the first time it is the boys’ outfits rather than the gals’ that are tickling our fancy!
Check out some of our favourite 1920’s stylin’ on these bad boys. Yum. It’s some sweet work from designer John Dunn & tailor, Martin Greenfield.

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Boy have we been slack with our blog posting! We have just been busy traveling and exploring a beautiful part of the world… hoping some inspiration from our time exploring will start making appearances in our work. ‘Til then we will try to up our posting by a thousand plus one. Starting from today.

Here are some of our sketches from ‘on the road’. Most are taken via instagram (follow us @meandoli )

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What Wonders!

Oh, how lovely it is to be back in Bangers (Bangkok) our favourite place to go shopping crazy!

We’ve spent some quality time walking the shops & seeing what the local wardrobes are dying for & it is apparent all around: vintage galore with a modern twist!

Bright pop prints, sweet Peter Pan collars, high soaring waistlines are accented with contemporary cutaways and strong illustrative digital prints. So bright and yummy our mouths are watering. Just to give you an idea of the feel, we’ve taken a few snaps of our favourite place for window design: Flynow II. Deeeee-licious!

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Open Night at Gaffa!

If you are in Sydney, join us TONIGHT 6-8PM for the Me & Oli Open Night at our Pop Up shop at Gaffa! Off-the-rack goods & Made-To-Measure service are all available & it is sure to be a fun filled eve of art, fashion & drinks  ($2 at the bar) as we will be showing our work alongside a bunch of incredible photographic exhibitions opening as a part of Head On Photo Festival. Can’t Wait!
& if you’re around today, we are opened all day, drawing away… so pop in & say hello! We are only opened for a few more days!

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Launching new Print at the Me & Oli Pop-Up Shop

Less than a week to go until the Me & Oli Pop Up Shop opens during Australian Fashion Week at Gaffa*! April 30-May 5!
Not only will there be our Made-To-Measure service & off-the-rack goodies… but we will also be launching our brand new print, ‘Dollars & Cents’!!! Here is a sneak preview… can’t wait to show you in person! ♥ ♥

monday 30th april 10am-6pm
tuesday 1st may 10am-6pm
wednesday 2nd may 10am-6pm
thursday 3rd may 10am-8pm
friday 4th may 10am-6pm
saturday 5th may 11am-5pm


Thanks to…
Model: Bel Sheriff
Photography: Andrew Messer
Hair & Make-Up: Belinda Goodwin
♥ ♥

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Oh yes, it took awhile but we’re finally on Instagram.

Follow meandoli to see our work (big & small), love & everyday moments…

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Me & Oli Pop Up Shop At Gaffa

Australian Fashion Week is just around the corner! In celebration & because we want YOU to be a part of the excitement of the week, we are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a Me & Oli POP-UP SHOP at GAFFA , an art
& design precinct in Sydney’s CBD, for the week of April 30- May 5.

There will be fashion, there will be custom fitting, there will be LIVE drawing PLUS we will be launching new styles and our NEW PRINT- so for those of you that are in Sydney or are visiting, mark the date in your diaries and keep your ears peeled for more details of what we’ll be unfolding throughout that week of fashion!

Me & Oli Pop Up Shop

Gaffa. Arcade 1/281 Clarence St, Sydney CBD

Opening Hours:
Monday April 30: 10AM-6PM
Tuesday May 1: 10AM-6PM
Wednesday May 2: 10AM-6PM
Thursday May 3: 10AM-8PM*
Friday May 4: 10AM-6PM
Saturday May 5: 11AM-5PM

*Join us for drinks & nibblies Thursday May 3: 6-8PM!

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Frilled Neck Lizard

It’s funny, when we studied kangaroos for the Roomance print we created for the lovely shop Made590 we actually grew a slight fear of these furry animals.

However, when we drew this little fearsome guy for our brand new print (yes!! coming soon!!), we actually grew a love and appreciation for these frilly fellows. Oh the beauty of their ruffles! L’amour!

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Quilted Lie

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